Monday, October 18, 2010

Broken Vow

To scroll down this page would be to witness my utter failure in keeping my promise of a daily, bustling blogging life. How haunting that I should be humming Broken Vow at so early a time; how vexing is the reality that I have again made a fool of myself in the online society.

There, I just needed to blurt out some ‘profoundly constructed English sentences’.

Now I believe an explanation is overdue: The laptop that I am using cannot be connected to the wireless network here at home. Thus, I cannot freely access this blog to post hourly updates about me. Also, for the past 45 hours (otherwise known as the start of my provincial sembreak), I have been reduced to living the lifestyle of a pig.

Well not exactly a pig, but you get the point: Sleep, eat, walk around, eat, sleep. This, of course, is an exaggerated, semi-fictional version of things, but rest assured, I am nowhere near accomplishing my planned state of productivity for this vacation. 

I went to my grandparents' place this afternoon. Cousins and I watched that Discovery Channel show where the guy tries to survive the jungle. He killed a monitor lizard and a mangrove snake, and that just about made my day.

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