Saturday, January 22, 2011


Right now, I'm inhaling through only one nostril. The other one is in a state of mild malfunction. Apparently, a couple of elves thought it funny to roll bowling balls down one of my airways last night. If only I can get a knife and slice the nostril open... and then, maybe I'd find some sort of semi-solidified goo or a flower vase from Rivendell with Elrond's signature on it.

In the world of prima donnas, however, competition is the name of the game. You see that triangular stretch of gum between the back of your two median incisors? Mine's swollen like mad. With a hand mirror, I can see the great bulging spot. It feels numb, and so does the surrounding hard palette. Not to mention the fact that the area hurts at the slightest pressurized touch of my tongue. 

On a more serious note, I'd just like to say that our Embroyology teacher has a most admirable fashion sense. Last Thursday, it was a long-sleeved pleated blouse of varying hues of green paired with a white skirt awash in tiny green dots, plus green-and-gold sandals. Oh, and I probably shouldn't forget about her bracelet and necklace, both composed of rocks in various shades of guess what. But her favorite color is violet actually. Also, I've only seen her in pants once, and it was a silver-blue paired with long sleeves, which she wore during our first laboratory exam. By the way, she drives. Yes, that's how cool she is with all her strands of gray hair.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Will Rain

… Ever since man learned how to count, or rather, how to use words that would make expressing quantities less taxing, he has been fascinated with the way these quantitative expressions turn out at the end of the day. We have always been a species awed by numerical combinations, and calendar dates are not an exception. When New Year came, the triple one was all the rage. Today, it’s the quintet of ones. In the spirit of such a rarity, our Physics teacher even decided to dismiss us at 11:11 AM – four more ones to add to our bragging rights at having lived such a day.

… The exam results came out one by one in a span of six days. Bio certainly was deadly, no doubt about that. It even came to a point when we were already anticipating, instead of dreading, how low our scores could possibly get. Biochem, on the other hand, was the disaster that it had promised to be. I’d like to think of my rather unpleasing score as a consequence of poor testmanship. Next time, keep this in mind: Answer as you go. Don’t just write your final two choices on the margins of the questionnaire, intending to choose between them later, lest later never comes.

… I have a thing for Southeast Asian fare. Curry on the throne of the pantheon. And now I’m working towards becoming a pescetarian (like that will happen in a decades’ time). Fish is healthy, at least considerably healthier than terrestrial meat. But yes, seafood in general is agreeable to my palate. Have you ever eaten slices of spam that, when squeezed with the hand, leave the palm shiny and sticky with oil? I think of that, and I see with my mind's eye people dying of clogged arteries.

… Human existence is all about conformity. Yet, when one simply lives to conform, a part of the soul slowly dies. It’s that part that yearns to be different, to be expressive, to just let go. Funny how many people write about the supposed evils of conformity in their papers and essay exams, when all they ever do is stick to the dictates of society.

… Last year, my pen suffered a dry spell. This year, it will rain, and when it rains, it certainly pours. Time to toil away, my love.

"Those you’ve known and lost still walk behind you."