Sunday, November 30, 2008


I went to Bacolod last week for my VOY District Competition. I left Iloilo Friday afternoon, had VOY Saturday a.m. and returned home at noon for Saturday afternoon’s PMO Area.

The Voyage

- I sat beside Mr. Jeffron-Saffron, the Ateneo guy. He was sooo weird. This is how he introduced himself: Yo… you know, Nina always talks about you… she’s says you’re weird, but I’m used to it… I’M WEIRD TOO.

- Tropic Thunder was the inflight enernaiment. When Mr. Saffron figured out that it was the one being shown, he was like, “Oh yeah, oh yeah!!!” like a child finally realizing that Mommy’s got ice cream for him. All the while, he was laughing out loud – ALONE.

- The sea started getting grumpy. The boat tossed and turned like a nightmare, and I saw Mr. Saffron waving and twirling his right hand and fingers to the rhythm of the waves.

The Afternoon

- Arrived at the O Hotel after a sordid ride with Lagon and Saffron beside me. We got our rooms, went to our rooms, and Mr. Pistachio stayed in ours for a few minutes because his was still being cleaned. He sat on our sofaee like a princess while czhit-czhattin with ma mommah.

- We went to Virgie’s first. Walked from the hotel since it’s only as far as Yangkee to Alan’s. People were secretly laughing at the dyosa’s wiggling butt.

- We went to Robinsons. We ate at Calea. Sip and I unknowingly exchanged cakes. When paying time came, he even asked, “Miss, pwede credit card?” Big time talaga!

- We went grocery-ing. Sip talked about how he would even come to Bacolod if there’s a sale since it’s all sooo good. Man, daming pera kaya! He bought all his toiletries (Ax, a sossy toothpaste, a sossy toothbrush, etc). We went back to the hotel.


- Kano sugatted us. We rode a car. They talked about Huasiong. Then about Tiongsan. Then about gayhood. I thought Sipsy cringed a bit there.

- We went to SM. We libotted the stupid SM. Nothing eventful much.

The Horrid Dinner

- We went to Kansei (?) for a Japanese dinner. Upon arriving, Herman said to me, “Oh Vincen, we were just talking about you.” Damn him. And I replied, “Oh it’s okay sir, I didn’t trip.” Slow brain of his. And a funnily stupid mouth he’s got.

- The doctor guy, the Roxas people, and the rest of the gang started toasting me and asking me all sorts of stupid questions like “Oh so what was you’re question in the nationals?” Duh.

- The doctor guy and mamita chatted the night away. No one bothered to have a one-on-one tete-a-tete with sipsy. Poor her.

- When San Mig Light rounds came, salvation also came. We left with the first batch (Dipolog guys) and upon exiting the resto, Sipsy cried, “Free at last, free! Thank God Almighty, we are free!”

The Night

- We heard a gunshot.

- Sipsy staged a concert in his room, singing “Family” from

Contest Day

- The USLS duo was like our meet-and-greet staff. Nice people.

- Hated the topic: No one really knows what he can do until he tries. Managed to pull off a third place with much ek-ek.

- St. John’s is a beautiful school. Huasiong is envious.


- Zhuan Gi was like so frantic. He called me when I was on the boat, upon arriving in Iloilo, and on the car to siguradofy that I was actually on my way to UP.

- Upon arriving, he was waiting for me at the main bldg with Sir Roge. He told me, “Ikaw na lang pag-asa namun ha.” Duh, then why bother with the rest. Stupid!

- PMO was deadly.

Eli’s birthday

- Fun.

- The Julie Gang bought Eli a shirt that's the exact style as my Ateneo shirt. Oh well…

- Walked to Shakey’s to meet my ginhikanan.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


- For Ma’am Sybil, and Feliza’s “hymenic” poem -

The passage narrows
Light fades behind twilight’s clouds
Starlight from a distance

Stuffed by flesh and fancy
All worries hurled to
The careless winds of fantasy
Pain succumbs beneath
Undying realities and the
Burdens of the troubled mind

Sensing shadows fleet
Across hollow spaces
Eclipsed perverted thoughts
And luminous visions
Of dancing green angels

Fireflies flicker
The night closes in
As well as the flames

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Popular Song

For the third grading period, one of our projects in Physics class with the divine and elfin Ms. Emelou Lacanaria is to compose a song about Physics--anything goes. My song is based on a solo from Wicked, the 2003 hit musical by Stephen Schwartz: "Popular," sung by Glinda the Good to Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) as a sort of self-adoration cum friendship code. Here’s my version – and it's only about a third of the real song.

*     *     *     *     *

Whenever she sees Physics rejected and denied,
And let’s face it, it does get rejected and denied,
My teacher's heart tends to start to bleed.
Now I’m starting on a makeover and simply have to take over
The handling of the Physics class you need.
And even if, in case,
It’s the toughest case I have to face,
Don’t worry, I’m determined to succeed.
Follow my lead, and yes, indeed, it will be...

Physics’s gonna be pop-pu-u-lar!
It’s all about quantities, about entities, about electricity,
About stability and velocity.
Wait and see, and follow me, shout out:

Physics’s gonna be pop-pu-u-lar!
It’s all about gravity, about energy, about relativity.
So let’s start, and learn Physics all the way we go!

Don’t be astounded by mechanics and dynamics.
Think of motion in the study of kinematics.
Now that I’m teaching you essential Physics,
You’re growing wiser, really, really wiser,
Follow me in shouting out:
Physics’s gonna be pop-pu-u-lar!
It’s all about gravity, about energy, about relativity.
So just start, and learn Physics all the way you go!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ooops - Wrong Car!

Donna and I catapulted ourselves to the Hall of Shame last night.

It was around 6:45, and she'd just finished her Filipino Photojournalism contest. We were about to leave the contest hall when suddenly – poof! – the lights went out. It was as dark as night could ever be.

We found our way out into the main driveway, walking and walking, Crown Ballroom to our right and the parking area to the left.

“Look, that’s them; it’s the school van!” I said in vernacular to Donna.

She followed me as we made our way to said van. There was Ma’am Sybil upfront, the back of her head towards us. Beside her was someone who looked like… yes, Nong Isko! How nice of them to have brought our things to the car.

Donna proceeded to enter the van; the door was open, and some of the guys were chitchatting. I, on the other hand, positioned myself in front of Ma’am Sybil. Let me attempt to surprise her, I thought. I began tapping the windshield in front of our teacher.

Then, I saw the driver and realized it wasn’t Nong Isko.

Ma’am Sybil turned around – and it wasn’t her, either.


A fraction of a moment later, Donna came out of the car with a look of extreme shock on her face.

Slowly, we inched away from the car.

A No-brainer RSPC

I… am… frustrated.

Okay, I won. Yeah, we all sort of know that. And you’re correct down to the tiniest drop of rainbowish smile - I’m happy.

But I’m so depressed right now. I can’t understand how we could’ve gone from 7 to ugh. Maybe it's because I've always looked at this year's as the best batch The Chain has ever had.

Eli's was plain IDIOTIC. Bea’s headline was all long and incorrect. The rest, I can't even begin to explain.

So I’m going to Naga alone… great.