Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Official.

The semestral break officially began today. But I was already off since yesterday afternoon. After the Physics Lab exam, we had a celebratory lunch at the Chocolate Spoon. Then, I spent the rest of the afternoon idling around. The night was even idler than I’d expected. I watched Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell. The story was pretty good for that level of filmmaking, if we’re talking on the same plane. The comedy was there all throughout; however, at more times than ten, it failed to deliver. Yet, overall, it came off as generally pleasing to the mind.

But now that it’s officially break, I shall revive this blog to the highest degree. I promise to post an entry everyday, and all of them shall include a song or two. I don’t know how I’d do it, as the very idea is still in formation. But we shall know by tomorrow, when I’ve landed in another, more peaceful world.

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