Saturday, June 23, 2012

The First Two Weeks of LU4

The first two weeks of 2nd year med proper have passed, which means we have about thirty-four left to hurdle. The past week, we've done basic pathology, plus a day on nutrition (where we learned to do food exchanges) and two on pedagogy (or how to make a lesson plan - college level). Week 1 was a chill week; week 2 saw me studying every night from Sunday to Thursday (applause). 

Last weekend was a party weekend for me - three consecutive nights beginning Friday. It doesn't come close to my six-night party week last December, but this is just the start of the school year, so that makes it quite an achievement. 

On Friday, we had Fridate - the interclass party between our class (2016) and the freshmen (2017) - at Aquasphere along Roxas Boulevard near Malate Church. Ending: Wild drunken med school freshies in the pool. (Yes, there's a pool - and dress code was "beach attire," which, of course, I and many others didn't follow.)

On Saturday, we had Mednight - sort of like Prom, but only in med school - at the penthouse of Marc 2000 Tower in front of the Quirino Avenue LRT station. The last Mednight (then called MedBall) was more than a dozen years ago. Guess what - I was nominated for Mednight King (a great follow-up to my Best Hairstyle Award during prom of 4th year). Ending: Intoxicated Intarmed freshmen and sophomores, and med proper citizens. Drunken gathering at the fire escape stairwell. The best closing remarks I've ever delivered. 

It should be noted that there was free-flowing alcohol on both nights. And that medical students are one of the best party people in the world. 

Fridate. Photo by Terence Kua.
On Sunday, my godfather's daughter got married. Nothing significant, except that this is his second daughter to be married off within seven months.

The weekdays that followed were marked by some really interesting lectures from the most amusing lecturers. 

"It's not you who can't stand it anymore, it's meeeee." - Dr. Geraldino, immunopathologist, after rushing through his slides on the pathology of viral diseases to finally end the Monday morning. You know you have great teachers when even they act like students.

As of yesterday morning, all original dates for the four-weekend run of Atlantis Productions' Rock of Ages were virtually sold out. That has to be one for the books. So they opened two new shows, and yesterday afternoon, I tried to get a ticket. Guess what - no more good, reasonably priced loge center seats; they only had orchestra seats left. Heck, there's no way I'm paying P2000 for a show that hasn't yet received a genuine rave (meaning, from the Brantleys and Isherwoods of the local theater scene).

Instead, I paid P200 for a digital 2D screening of Rock of Ages the film. Guess what - I had a surprisingly and genuinely good time this afternoon. I think this awards season should at least consider nominating Tom Cruise and Catherine Zeta-Jones for their deliriously captivating supporting performances. And then there's Paul Giamatti playing the type he played in Big Fat Liar and The Ides of March.

You know, I actually don't understand why Rock of Ages sold out. It confuses me, if you must know.  

During class this afternoon, I killed a mosquito just by grabbing for it midair.  

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am so excited: I will be having both left third molars extracted!

Mednight. Photo by Jenn Gargar.

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