Monday, December 19, 2011

Buhay Artista - or Life as a Kardashian Sees It

Ganito pala feeling maging artista.

So this is how it feels to be an artist - a rather literal translation, but it'll do.

Not the artist in the culture-y, painting-sculpting sense, like Raphael or Bernini. (The kick I needed to learn about them, I got from Dan Brown in sixth grade.)

In Filipino, artista stands for a plethora of connotations: celebrity, film star, actor, famous showbiz figure. In the mainstream Hollywood-y sense, someone as wild as a Kardashian, as admirable as Jesse Eisenberg (for me, at least), as legendary as Meryl Streep (who should win the Oscar for The Iron Lady, though I'd be fine with Michelle Williams for My Week With Marilyn after being robbed last season for Blue Valentine). But I digress.

If you think med students study a lot, think again. Wait, you're probably right - we study a lot. If you or someone you know or some random person near you complains that the next weekend will be completely miserable because there's one less party to attend or one less bottle of beer to drink, stop right before the period of that statement. Med students spend weekdays studying and weekends - guess what? - studying some more.

Now stop me from finishing this self-righteous portrait of med students as noble, selfless slaves to the future generations. 

I'm also formulating a law of my own, a theory, a postulate - whatever - and here it is: Med students study hard, and party harder. That's so original.

But really, what I've been meaning to say in this post is that I spent the past six nights going to some sort of party. Six consecutive nights of partying - get it? What a pre-Christmas celebration, right?

In case you're dying to know what my schedule was, here it is:

December 13, Tuesday: Intarmed Christmas Party. Buuuut, it didn't feel right, I must say. At least a fourth of the class was absent. That, for me, was a great travesty, given that it's only our first year in med proper. Buuuut, I can't blame those who were absent, since the party was actually planned only two nights before and made sort of formal the night before, when everyone was busy cramming for the Renal Physiology exam that I don't wish to discuss here. 

December 14, Wednesday: Medical Student Council Party. I still don't know how or what to call that one because what was supposed to be the grand year-ender for the entire council and all its committees and its many members had a turnout of... what, twelve? We had Dare Night first. The dares included singing in a music store in Robinsons Ermita using the sample karaoke machine, helping a random vendor along Pedro Gil Street sell at least P50 of his/her products, and having a stranger autograph your forearm. The second part was Karaoke Night, and the turnout was much better - around seventeen. Very impressive.

This shot does not do the lantern justice.

December 15, Thursday: Class of 2016 Party. So we had the UP Manila Lantern Parade first, where we won first place!!! The first time in six years the UP College of Medicine won the UP Manila version and got to represent the campus for the grander parade in Diliman. And then our class Christmas Party entitled FrostBite (since our acquaintance party last July was First Bite). Lots of cross-dressing involved.

December 16, Friday: Impromptu Party at Phil's. We went to Diliman to represent UP Manila for the Lantern Parade. The atmosphere seriously matched that of genuine festivals like Dinagyang. But the better part of the night was an impromptu house party at our classmate Phil's (the mastermind behind our award-winning lantern). It ended with three crazy boys and a confused taxi driver.

December 17, Saturday: Christmas Party at an aunt's. The tamest of them all. 

December 18, Sunday: Wedding at EDSA Shangri-La. The food was jaw-dropping awesome: best cod, best baby octopus, best prawns.

And there goes my attempt at sounding like a Kardashian. Oh wait, Kardashians can't write, can they?

Now, I put on my windbreaker, my Armani scarf, my leather gloves, my boots, and my fur coat, and say a grand hello to winter. Happy holidays to you who reads this blog.

Here's a little something from the UP Medicine Class of 2016:

Yes, that was the online invitation to FrostBite. See? Med students have lots of FUN.

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