Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dead Cells on Moi Head

Best hairstyle award.


As if the world hasn’t witnessed enough miracles yet.

As if flattery were an everyday drop of rain.

When my name was called, it was just like hearing a piglet sing All I Ask of You (pun intended).

When I headed upfront to get the award, people noticeably had their eyes glued to my head. Or the mass of black dead cells hanging on it. Yeah, yeah, I know: It’s such a beauty…XD

Have you ever had people stare at you unceasingly, focused on a certain part of your body and struck by news that totally got them by surprise?

The day before the promenade, Eli told me that we should to go to Rene to “have our hair done.”

I told him, “Why on Earth do you have to go to Rene? Like, you’d only do that if you’re desperate enough to win the best hairstyle award.”

Apparently, heaven heard me.

Or maybe, it was Eli wishing to win best hairstyle…

(In response to my winning the Best Hairstyle Award (Male) during the ICCHS JS Prom 2009.)

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