Friday, October 21, 2011


One week into the semestral break...

Manila. SLEX or Taft or EDSA or whatever.

... finally back to competitive writing, if that's even a term. An essay, this time, on a dead ilustrado and why he matters - should matter - because that's what the theme's conscripting us to write about. First prize is P50,000 - that's enough to pay for my UP Med tuition for one and a quarter semesters. 

... got to watch the biggest Filipino cinematic hit of all time this afternoon. (Please note the sarcasm.) No Other Woman, I therefore conclude, is a movie about incredibly stupid people making incredibly stupid choices. Ram (Derek Ramsay) is a hypocritical idiot with utterly no self-control and self-respect. His idea of escaping a manic mistress is a suicidal race down the streets of Manila in his billion-dollar ride. His wife (Cristine Reyes) is astoundingly dull and a war freak. Why else would she have come to the swimming pool if not to pick a fight (that she'd embarrassingly lose) with Cara (Anne Curtis)? And Curtis has never looked more beautiful, I have to say. So yeah, I'm on Curtis' side, real-life and onscreen. Or Reyes' mom - she was a riot! 

... how many ways can you spell 'research paper'? 

... the yearbook is finally running. Hopefully, before I go back to Manila, it'll be out. It better be.

... classmates, old friends, and chummies. We finally got to play badminton this morning. We've been meaning to since, what, last year? 

... driving! The streets of Manila are like the plains of Gorgoroth or the Pelennor Fields. You're not good enough, you get slain. Here in Iloilo, we have more, shall we say, manners. Yet I managed to hit a jeepney last Tuesday, my first and hopefully last hit, and the funny thing is: It wasn't even moving. 

... this new dog, Sydney or Sidney or Seedney, is a charming little guy. He likes to smell stuff and people a lot. He also likes play-biting my shoes. Fluffy is dead (No One Mourns the Wicked plays in the background). Troy and Hector are still ill with that mothereffing disease. I don't know what will happen to them, I really don't.

... that Sondheim concert by PhilDev on the 7th at Lincoln Center!!! Lea's singing Send in the Clowns, Not a Day Goes By, Move On. Oh what I'd do to be there! Or they should televise it here, at least.   

... I really should get back to writing. The deadline's on the 31st.

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