Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lessons from Hell's Kitchen

Human behavior in the kitchen, magnified.

1. There will always be bitches out there, ready to bite your back any second. So bitch yourself up too and bite back.

2. Communication means communication. You don't just sit around, staring at nothing, waiting for the other person to 'talk' when that's all he or she has done for the past thirty minutes.

3. Some people just can't take the blame. What are they, infallible virgin angels?

4. There are also people out there who feel like they're the best and brightest in the world - but, as is the usual case among their kind, really aren't. But in front of your sorry face, they will act like they're the best and brightest unless one of you mans up and gets the freakin' fact plastered onto the prick's face.

5. When someone shouts at you for stepping on an ant, it's usually best to just keep quiet and mourn the death of the creature. But sometimes you also have to shout back.

6. There are billions of people out there going hungry and actually dying of hunger. So when you cook, get it right the first time!

P.S. I'm watching the latest season (9), the one that's being replayed (or maybe not) in Star World every night. Elise has a potty mouth but has the skills and is a darn good leader. Tommy has his mouth shut  all the time and should see the door shut behind him as well. Carrie's unjustifiably full of herself.

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