Saturday, June 6, 2009


I looked straight into his eyes
And fathomed an unknown wilderness

There were ancient trees
Growing wildly across untamed woods
Their barks shaped creepy shadows
On the soft, musty forest floor
Their roots hunched on the soil
Casting grave, silent glances at
Unfallen leaves and the lifeless sky
The crisp, fallen brown-and-yellows
Lay weak and futile amidst
Rocks wedded to lichen
And the violet chained to undergrowth

There were also raging seas
Pounding sand and shore after shore
The waters lashed the innocent
Sweeping away all trace of life
Like the joyless crab making its way
To a hole in the ground that soon
Collapsed, burying the poor animal
Beneath the madness, an army
Assembled and the blue sharks
Orcas and blue-ringed octopi
Cried their frail battle cries

The wilderness was just too much
And I had to close my eyes

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