Friday, June 19, 2009

Ang Unang Linggo sa Peyups

So there, the first week of college is over. And, I dunno, am I supposed to say something about it? Yeah, well I feel like I have to actually say something about it… But it’s not like I’m really supposed, or, uh, required to say something about it… am I? Oh well, whatever. Anyway, college classes – uh, the first week of college classes is over. So, um, what do I feel? Hell yeah, what do I feel?! What kind of question is that? Pretty lame, I must say!

Do I speak Tagalog with an accent ba? I guess I do… well, all people from the provinces, I firmly believe, speak Tagalog with an accent (unless of course they’re from Tagalog-speaking land). But let’s go back to my accented Tagalog. Well… I dunno, I’m proud of it, I guess. No - I'm so darn proud of it.

There have also been developments concerning my name. Of course, none of the 2016ers know my Iloilo nickname (and I don’t plan to propagate it, don’t worry). But yeah, vinceN with an emphazised letter ‘n’, um, uh, t-less (it’s stupid, I know, but hey, allow the people freedom of nomenclature… but it actually sounds kinda ingenious), and, uh, someone’s calling me ‘cen’. Otherwise, it’s vincen without the ‘t’, or just plain normal vincen, which is totally fine. Why am I talking about my name here again?

Then there’s that thing about Mr. & Ms. Freshie. I mean, come on people! Where on earth did you get that crazy idea that I can be Mr. Freshie for Block 14. I could have, might have agreed to do the gig, but only if all of you rallied as one to make me Mr. Freshie (and, thankfully, you didn’t). Ugh, no way!

In general, first week’s been pretty sane. At least I’ve managed to be pretty sane. People have generally been okay - some standout personalities occasionally, but anyhow, it’s been all fine.

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