Friday, June 5, 2009

coke zero is a necessity

at least that’s what
the hospital woman said
when she came striding into
the marble hall in her
sparkly white dress
and spanking white body.

i didn’t at first
had any wish for conversation
with her lovely lips,
but it seemed, when she stood,
that mother liberty by
the mouth of the hudson river
would be just as shocked.

never in a decade –
that’s the least I could remember –
have i seen such bodily contours
that seemed a mimicry of
the sierra madre nearby.

blame the spanking dress, i say,
or protrusions would not have been
so overtly obvious.
(ironic, the redundancy, isn’t it?)

(well, maybe, two is one for this one.)

but back to the lady
(without the little dog),
and brainlessness says only this:

jack would reconsider
calling the heavenly deity
residing in some castle on a cloud
a giant, and his domestic partner,
a giantess.

meanwhile, she declared
her love for coke zero
like an aging spinster’s wedding-wish wish.

“it’s gonna make me slim!”

honey, slim or not, you’re one big zero.
one big, round, circular zero.

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