Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wild thinking at its best

I’ve been around humans long enough to know that they will do things only when they feel like it. Words like “duty” or “responsibility” hardly make sense. No, people have this so-called free will. Most people would do ‘big’ things, like saving a life or earning money, but what of the little things, and when? What most people fail to comprehend is that it’s the little things that matter. The world does not revolve around the ‘self’. Everything is not about honor, or fame, or something to actually compensate for ‘effort’. Sometimes, it has to be just for the sake of doing. But humans are not like that. There has to be necessity in every action, and what of it, anyway? It's always this reason behind the things that do happen.

Opinions do not matter. Everyone - from newspaper columnists to sidewalk peanut vendors - has lots to say. But opinions never matter. You can talk all you want for hours, days, weeks, even decades; eventually, the only opinion that matters will be the speaker's – and the speaker's alone. Your words are pinna-deep to the next listener. No one cares about what you have to say, even if you happen or eventually happen to be right. Egotistic arrogance. Unless circumstance proves you right, your opinion hardly matters.

Still, keep talking to other people. It’s a powerful form of healing. We're made to convey our emotions and thoughts to others. Talking is therapeutic, and a stranger's ear is the best listener. Fear not irrelevance. Just talk.

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