Friday, December 12, 2008

A Friday Reeking of Smegma

Today, Dec 12, 2008 (Friday), we majestically and effectively proved that trying-hard copycats (a.k.a. ang mga dunot nga Starapples) never win – and will never win, if the case continues. Mga wala kamu huya! Duh, as if it wasn’t obvious nga kung wala niyo kami nakita gablending kag gadance-whatever, wala man ang mga ina nagsulod sa mga sunog niyo nga utok! Hmph! Lesson learned: Stars are stars, and apples are apples, but the two will never mix. Mga smegma gid ah!


Last week, we went to Ajuy. First to Progreso Falls. Then to Marbuena Island. Sipsy told us that the latter would be somewhat like a deserted isle in the middle of the raging sea. But that’s not exactly the best part, and neither is the fact that Eli was the slowest among us all (not me, no!) in stream-walking and mud-traipsing. It was the slip of the demi-goddess a.k.a. ang pagdanlog ni Sir Sipacio kag ang paghaplak sang buli ya sa lutak. Man, the moment sticks to my memory like crystalline film! One, two, three, haplak!


Over the next few entries, I will be writing about my dear school and its dearest inhabitants. So, abangan!

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