Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Frog Prince, Huasiong version

Yesterday, soon-to-be alma mater (read: MAY-ter) wasted one school day, all for a useless, all-for-profit activity that is the BSP-GSP Investiture brouhaha.

It’s such a waste of time, I know, but I’m not gonna squander my blog space writing about the entire initiation stupidity.


Anyway, it was already after the investiture and CAT instruction (we had CAT yesterday since the worthless BSP-GSP perpolz requested for our “help”).

There was this kid who was holding an empty Pillows wrapper-container-whatever.

The thing is, the wrapper-container-whatever was bulging like a balloon.

So I approached the kid, together with my angels, and asked him what it contained. He opened the wrapper-container-whatever and to my amazement-horror-surprise, inside were some ten unfortunate froggies of different sizes!

It was super duper cool!!!

Okay, so it’s totally ewww, also.

So there we were, watching the kid as he took the froggies out one by one by the leg and threw them on a puddle beside the driveway. By that time, people had started swarming all over us. He took one froggy, then another, then another.

Then, he stoned one of the froggies.

It died. Afterwards, Donna played with it with a twig.

The boy ran across the driveway, took out the biggest of the froggies (the queen mother or something), waved it at us from the distance, and sent the unfortunate froggy on a trip to the horizon.

Flying frog! Amazing.

The froggy survived.

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