Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Turmoil of Thoughts

no, i don't think you were trying to control me. i don't think you were roasting me. i actually thought you were quite nice to do that.

i was on the verge of tears - the reason why i couldn't speak as well as i usually do. you told me to defend myself, but i was so helpless. i was too overwhelmed by the situation, mulling over the info you'd just given me (just as you had guessed).

i don't really talk much in those kinds of situations. i just think you ought to know that i'm not the stereotype you thought or wanted me to be. fine, so "stereotype" may not be the best word for this; just fill it up for me. i usually mull over what someone says before doing anything or saying something back, usually takes me a day to fully digest things.

i'm different from many other people, and i'm proud of it. few creatures choose to be different nowadays. i'm very complicated, but thanks for trying to understand. i never thought you'd go that far, or be that "friendly."

i'll always be thankful for what you did, and for what you've been doing. i'd rather choose to see you as Olympian gifts, if you get my drift. thanks.

i left my physics book in the chem lab, so i guess this is kind of like historic. smiles!

madamoiselle identification card was in a bad mood this morning. so was julian, though i doubt she really was. i mean, she's so overly complicated; i guess you can blame aphrodite for that. estero was being... well, just an estero again.

now mind you, these are all fictitious names and they might be pertaining to imaginary pips as well. sayonara.

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