Wednesday, July 23, 2008


now i'm going to rant about all the frustration, the stupidity, the idiocy, and the embarrassment that two very special aphrodites have been hurling at me these past few wretched, blessed days.

as we all know (though if you ain't related to me or aren't Guavish, you wouldn't), rayda has been quite a headache for the past... at the very least, the past week. what the hell is her problem??? if she wants me to become the omnipotent, omniscient Vencin of her wildest dreams and most rotten imaginations, she's better off pounding her head on the white-washed wall!

what the heck does this weird earthling want me to do? miraculously transform there and then into an uneinsteinish einstein? urgh, it just sucks the way she keeps goading me to play the role of savior. it sucks all the more the way she treats me like i'm some kind of extremely gifted child who deserves to be given unspecial special treatment. why?!

now about the fire-lovin queen of the gods, well that was just plain stupidity, wasn't it dahling?! how big of an idiot are you to just tear the wondrous pages and create a mishmash garbage dump of your own? whoever even gave you the authority to be that moronic?!!

two aphrodites, two stupid queendoms.

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