Monday, July 21, 2008

The Jester and The Vacuum Boy

I like watching movies.

Holidays, I usually spend watching the Oscar-nominated ones. How's that for culture. But among the many films that I've watched (at my age, I mean), only two screen villains have passed my/the test.

The first one is Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men. He was really scary, speaking very little throughout the film, creating a very chilling aura. Those eyes were brilliant, and the facial expressions too. And the gadget he used for killing, and the small talk that usually preceded his kills!

The second one is [+] Heath Ledger as the Joker. We watched The Dark Knight last Sunday. What a natural performance! Christopher Lee and Ralph Fiennes did well enough in LOTR and HP but nobody really raved much about them. But now that I've seen Ledger's Joker, I feel sad. Such a loss.

The verdict: Ledger and Bardem should have a grand showdown. First, they attempt to kill each other their characters' ways. Second, they switch roles.

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