Sunday, August 21, 2016

I'm Back in Manila, Losers

I'm using "losers," of course, in the misplaced context of "Get in the car, loser, we're going shopping." It's a quote from "Mean Girls," but if you don't know this movie, then I really can't help you.

*     *     *     *     *

Anyway. So I spent a good three-and-a-half weeks in Iloilo. I hadn't been home since Dinagyang in January. But really, I needed to go home. The last month of internship was so tiring, even if I didn't really look tired most of the time (I ugly-cried inside). Besides, Iloilo will always be home, even if Manila beats it in a lot of respects (the food places, movies, THEATER!, etc.). The pace of life is slower, kinder, friendlier. My old friends are there. The places I know by heart are there. My pig/dog is there. God, my family is there. And people are just generally nicer to each other. On my second Sunday there, we had a flat tire on the way to church and had it fixed at this roadside vulcanizing shop within an hour for a cheap price. Not exactly the perfect example, but you get the point.

Grandparents being grandparents.

*     *     *     *     *

We had a not-so-close family friend come over from Davao. They went to Gigantes Island in the northeastern tip of Panay on their first day. Their second day, we took them around the city and beyond. They wanted to visit the town of San Joaquin, which is like two hours outside the city with fair traffic (and that's not a good number, if you know Iloilo). We saw the church with its ornately sculpted facade (the bell tower has become a bat cave). We saw the seaside park. We saw the cemetery with the funky centerpiece. Then it started raining and we headed back to the city.

San Joaquin Church facade.

San Joaquin cemetery.

*     *     *     *     *

We played this PC game called Rodent as kids (none of those Gameboy or PlayStation shit for us, no sir). Our training was put to good use for two nights, because we had a fucking mouse problem! 

Checkmate, bitch.

*     *     *     *     *

Things I accomplished in Iloilo:
1. Studied a chapter of BRS Physiology
2. 90% done with the "Rak of Aegis" revisited piece
3. Started a new short story (it's dedicated to my friends in med school)
4. Spent time with the grandparents (there's a funny pair)
5. "Fresh Off the Boat"
6. Play with doggie

This dog is so lazy, it's adorable.

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