Saturday, May 14, 2011

American Idol 10 - Top 4... sorta.

First Pia. Then Casey. Now James. How fun!

So Blogger sort of died yesterday.

Which means that I couldn't post my American Idol review for this week. Oh, I forgot I actually didn't write one since I was out 'til one in the morning last Thursday night. So I had to catch the 11AM Friday rerun, by which time the results were already out. So I thought it kind of irrelevant to still write a review.

Just kidding. Here's what really happened. I finished watching, had lunch, and then thought I'd write. Thing is, I write directly here in Blogger (not in MS Word, which was what I used to do). So when the website revealed itself to be down, all thought of writing simply dissipated into thin intestinal air within me.

Anyway, what do I need to tell you that you still do not know? Probably nothing.

You saw how good Haley was, how she delivered one of the season's best and most unmatchable performances with her second number. You saw how Randy was so mean to her in commenting on her first number, which really got her angry and led her to pour out all emotions into the second song. You saw how stupid the judges could really get (I was really turned off by the entire Haley fiasco, because most of it didn't make sense). You saw how cocky and arrogant Haley is, despite the fact that she's now my bet for the title (as I'm basing on performance and talent alone). You saw how stupid Lauren is, when she initially refused to sing the word 'evil' because her fans might think she's evil (That was just BS, Lauren). You saw how Scotty kissed his cross out of I-don't-know-what, and yes, he was good that night. Most of all, you saw how James got booted out. I was actually starting to lose interest in James, but his second number was 'the bomb'.

So, bests of the night: HALEY II and JAMES II.

In a perfect world, the top 3 would be James, Pia, and Casey - and James would be eliminated next week. But no, this ain't utopia, boys. So, Scotty, Haley, or Lauren? Though I've mentioned that I want Haley to win, I certainly won't be one of those who'll be utterly dismayed if the results don't go my way.

American Idol, it's quite understandable why you're losing your viewers.

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