Friday, May 20, 2011

American Idol 10 - Top 3

How our TV looked like last night.

Sky Cable (our TV cable network) went berserk last night, so I wasn't able to watch American Idol again. This morning, I decided to take a peek at the results in Yahoo! News and was totally saddened by what I read.

I therefore declare that there is no longer any point watching the finale next week, since we are left with Scotty and Lauren - the former, a satisfactory performer though not exactly worthy of a spot in the top three; the latter, a wildly immature girl suddenly thrust into the limelight she's obviously quite not ready for. Although Scotty's become more appealing (in terms of talent) to me in the recent weeks, and Lauren's somehow shown a wee bit more potential, the two of them bringing the house down - individually or as a combined effort - is still a Martian notion.

Let's take seasons 7 and 8, for example. When Carly Smithson was eliminated at Top 6 week, we still had Jason Castro to hate, Brooke White to pity, and the Davids and Syesha Mercado to root for for the Top 3. When Syesha was eliminated, we had one heck of a David showdown for a finale. And when Danny Gokey was eliminated (I still rue that day), we had Adam Lambert and Kris Allen vying for the top spot, which was quite exciting, considering how different the two are.

Now we're given Lauren and Scotty, so maybe I'll just skip the Finale and continue with my Oscars marathon. Or maybe I'd drop by the borefest. We'll see.

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