Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The 30-Day Musical Theater Song Challenge, Part 3

I came across this challenge on Facebook and thought I'd give it a try. By now, it should be no secret that I'm an avid fan of musical theater, which is not the case for many people in this country (and it's easy to understand why). If you're a Broadway junkie like myself, then my 'repertoire' is yours to sample. Otherwise, you're in for some 'new' music to... add to your playlist, perhaps?

Note: The instructions say to post this on your 'Wall', one song per day, but since we're in Blogger, I'm having it my way.

A song which makes you happy.

by the Original Broadway Cast

This is a song about racism, and it makes me happy. Not enlightened-, proud-, or teary-eyed-happy, just sort of sitting-back-with-a-smile-happy. But really, it's a work of comedic genius - basically what Avenue Q's made of. It pokes fun at a very sensitive issue yet does not fail to deliver an all-important message: That it is all right to be racist because it's natural.

I saw the fourth Manila run of Atlantis Productions' Avenue Q more than a year ago, and I was laughing my heart out through both acts. The show made me a devotee of Felix Rivera and quelled any doubts I had over whether Rachel Alejandro's any good (in singing, acting, or both). And who could ever forget Joel Trinidad in the comedic performance of the night as the sex-starved Trekkie Monster? Theater people of Manila are shouting: Repeat!

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