Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mamma Mia!

I was able to prove two things this afternoon: First, that you can prove things without using any of the cobwebbed statements in the Constitution or any math-related theorem or postulate; second, that I am always in need of intellectual stimulation.

My mind has wheels (pun intended ^^). Attached to the centerpiece of my neurological existence are silvery, shining, shimmering, splendid wheels. They are beautiful wheels. Pretty wheels. The best wheels in town.

Which is why boredom ranks as one of my top enemies. Along with nothing-you-may-do moments that take place during should-do-something moments. I hate being restrained in a tiny box and disallowed the freedom of industry. Even more, I hate being made not to do something during times when I feel the urge to really do something. Furthermore, I hate being made to do and expected to love doing something which I don't want to do in the first place. Productivity is a close friend of mine; indolence (during anti-indolence hours) is tantamount to Kyla (the dog).

Hurrah for my brainy wheels!


Something cynical also happened this afternoon.

As I was on my way to Bopsy’s place, I met a mother.

Not just any mother, but the mother of an applicant. Well, technically, a former applicant. I think perhaps you already know who this is. (applicant or mother, whichever)

Among many other irrelevant things, she gave a remark – and I quote: Grabe gid kamu ya magtraining… Nagbalos gid kamu ya nu?

Was I hit by one of the many saucepans lying along that sidewalk for sale? Was she actually trying to tell me in not exactly the nicest way that we were too hard on the starapples? Come on, woman, wake up!

First of all, ang training ng mga walang hiyang starapples na yun ay simply pagbabayad lang sa milyun-milyong atraso nila sa amin noong mga sinyor pa kami. Doesn't she know that because of the starapples at iba pang third year, na-super delay at naparusahan pa ang mga agila'?! Doesn’t she know na mga bastos at raskal ang mga kaklase ng anak niya (pwede ngang isali yung anak niya e) prior to the CAT summer engagement?

Secondly, the training was – I have to admit – hard because of the fact that talagang mga walang laman ang mga utak ng mga starapples na ito. Come on, as in paulit-ulit na kami, dalawang linggo na, hindi pa rin nila nagegets!

Third, our training was very different. It might not have focused on the physical aspect (pero hindi naman ang mga starapples nakatikim ng damog, naka-snake crawl, log roll, at quiapo march sa basang-basang field, nag-bullfight, at nag-pasa masid sa ilalim ng 11:00 sun, among others, diba?!) but it was more of the emotional and psychological aspect. We were promised two weeks of vacation after refresher, yet there we were, training. And to think na nagstart lang yung training ng mga starapples in march, kahit na two weeks pa ang COLT (deserving naman sila nito e).

Fourthly, I will speak no more because nag-uunahan na ang aking mga kamay sa pagta-type at ang aking utak sa pag-iisip (sabay panlalait at pag-aalipusta in a proper formal way). Kita mo, kahit languages ko nga e nagme-mechado na.

Bottomline: Applicants will always be applicants. Period!

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