Saturday, April 4, 2009


For everyone’s information, the internet connection in the downstairs computer wasn’t working, so all my i-net workings were delayed – that’s to say, uploading of pictures and blog posting, among others. But that’s another story.

Anyway, today is April Fool’s Day.

And I’m not generally happy.

I still remember how Sipacio said that we shouldn’t go to Ajuy on April 1 because it’s April Fool’s, and that we might get fooled. Well, the ONLY consolation right now is that it IS good that we’re not in Ajuy, or I guess we’d be drifting somewhere along the vast ocean right now.

Anyhow, the foolishness of the day has so far still managed to make its presence more or less pronounced.

First of all, I woke up at 10:30 to find the DVD that I had sent over to Eli for him to burn Vicky Cristina Barcelona in already lying on the desk in the bedroom. That was kind of a miracle, considering the efficiency of Justin.

Then, when I dasooked the DVD in the player, the movie just happened to be BLURRY!!! Urgh, so I was left with utterly nothing else for the day. Did Eli even check the download?

After that, I took out the laptop, only to find its wiring, adaptor and stuff all turned into one horrid mess, with the wirings untied and the adaptor GONE. Whoever used – or opened – it last has to be one crazy imp – and there are only four possibilities. One of them follows this blog. ☺ And one of them no longer resides in the residence.

So then, I decided to just watch Sex and the City: The Movie… which wasn’t blurry, but armed with distorted audio-visual settings. Thankfully, the sushi part was perfectly fine. (evil snigger)

After watching Sex – … you know, and the City – I went to sleep. Good thing, no one fooled me in my dreams. Then…


Someone brrrrted the “timbre” – an indirect way of saying, “Yo stupid, wake up!!!” Also, the phone rang, and just when I was about to pick it up, it stopped ringing.

Have I mentioned that every single time Mother phoned the house (around twenty times during the day), the cow had the irresistible urge to pick the phone up, even when I’D picked it up?

Anyway, gosh, she picked it up again. Then, Marley entered the room and told me that Harvest was on Channel 17. Wow, something good at last, I thought. But noooooooooooo, there was no Harvest!!! Later on, Momma phoned over and told us that it would run again at 8PM. Apparently, I opened the TV just when it ended.

Finally, the cream of the crop: NO MORE AJUY. Amazing, isn’t it, how plans can just change in the twinkle of an eye. It seemed that, because Marielle ain’t going (though she initially said that she would, but in case something comes up then she wouldn’t, which I told her to ask permission so nothing would come up anymore), the entire Ledesco lot wasn’t going also. Amazing!

April fool’s, how can you do this to me!!! DO YOU REALLY THINK I DESERVE THIS!!!

- crickets -

- silence -

- crickets again –


Happy April Fool’s to you, fool!!!

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