Sunday, August 24, 2008


The Golden Pen’s now over – my second and last.

I’m just so proud of the children; most of them did surpass my expectations.

Overall, we’re third place.

But taking aside the fact that Ripples and AC are the regular top-twoers, it’s one heck of a conclusion that we are the champion of the… uhm… normal (?) ones.

No, Dragon/s and AC-er/s, if you ever come across this thingy, I don’t intend anything evil, sarcastic, or defaming.

I don’t think I did my best though, what with news being, as Judy would have it, “a bit disconnected,” and sports, copy, and cartoon being disasters. I actually had a really nice idea for the feature, but I guess there is always time for everything.

I’m really, really, superly thankful: first, for the editorial gold; second, for the golden pen; third, for the performances.

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