Sunday, August 31, 2008


Some people think it’s just an ideal. Ironic, I know. Others turn to psychology for answers, but always forget to look at themselves. And then there are those who know fully well they’re stupid, and still continue to act like… well, stupid people.

Encarta defines stupidity as “lack of intelligence; rashness or thoughtlessness.” To all ye people who still wonder (if it isn’t obvious enough) where I get those synonyms and mot juste thingies for my papers and stuff, the culprit's Encarta, clear? If you answered "unclear," get a copy of that Encarta ’04 installation disc, forcibly break it in half, and swallow each piece.

Going back, I prefer to see stupidity as some sort of disease… like an STD, which does not stand for Stupid Teacher Disease. Imagine all the tiny creepazoids living together as one single gooey greenish mass, bouncing and floating and waiting for that glorious, death-sentence moment that is a chance encounter with a living homo sapiens. Then, when that encounter does come to pass, the gooey mass jumps at the chance to permeate the bloodstream. Before you know it, that big greenish mass has broken into sperm cell-like creatures all swimming towards the brain.

Now think of a world where stupidity does not exist. Impossible, right? As of August 30, 2008, these are some of the things that I find downright stupid:

1. Mall security checks

If I were a terrorist, all I’d have to do is simply put the bomb inside my…um, holiest spot, God forbid. Because all those guards are not even doing their damn jobs! How is merely opening the trunk a security check?!

2. Teenage Smoking

Hey you, smoking teenager! Let's just pour gasoline all over your face. That way, you’d burn faster. We don't need anymore help with air pollution. We don't need you to taint the image of any of your affiliations – school, family, whatever. And seriously, you don't look cool. At all.

Two savage truths. Awareness is key to eliminating stupidity. It’s like raising antibodies in a factory – you need to be prepared for what’s to come. You need to sing the way Scar did in The Lion King!

But maybe stupidity is universal.

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