Sunday, October 5, 2008





*cicada sounds*

Hwatz happened last Septembuh…?

*more cicada sounds*

Oh yeah, High School Week!

Hwa Siong culture dictates that there are only six specific groups of days that a high school student may look forward to:

1. SC Election Week – campaign, grand rally, the vote
2. High School Week
3. Intramurals (a.k.a. the informal semestral break)
4. Chinese Week (this one’s more of a yehey-no-class case)
5. Christmas Chorale mania
6. Foundation Week

The first one’s done and over with, and we were VERY BEST, pardon the pun.

So here are some points-to-remember to remember:

* Congratulations to Juday!!! I’m sooo proud of ya honey! You. Were. Terrific.

* Five score years ago vs. … dunno, don’t care? I say, five score years ago!!!

* Ms. Spinos, you ought to be fired!! How dare you, you rotten windbag??!! You dare taint the faces of my children with loser’s paint??!! Huh, you ruthless piece of c***!!!! We won, and you damn know it!!! May you live with the memory of having committed such a disgraceful act!!! Live with it, I say, live with it!!!!

* Congratulations to TIFFANY, the real extemporaneous speech winner. No, naval-fleet, I’m not talking about or trying to hit you.

Sign-of-the-cross Joebar, indeed!

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