Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sleepless in Iloilo

I do think I should have celebrated last night.

Well, yes, perhaps the celebration should have been done the night before. After all, I did make history that night.

Thursday, August 14, 2008 – I slept at around twelve o’clock midnight. That’s 12 A.M., depending on a clock’s level of stupidity. Come to think of it, I don’t even know exactly what time I slept. It wasn’t 12 yet according to the masters bedroom’s clock, yet the second floor stairwell clock said it was a few minutes past midnight; the living room clock registered something like 12:05, while my room’s bore 12:10.

Regardless of the exact time (whoever made the exact time, anyway?), my sleeping that late should have been cause for a household ruckus.

That was the latest I've slept so far in my student life on a school day night. Yehey! Okay, all ye late sleepers/lots-of-work people/sleepless students, you may think this is all so hyperbolic. Go ahead, no one's stopping you from thinking that way - not even moi, though this is my blog, be reminded. Sleeping late will never be a mark of genius!

Did I hurt your feelings there?

Why did I sleep that late anyway?

First, we had this CAT vigil for the wake of a certain someone. It was fun. We did laugh more than a couple of times during our turns in "guarding the dead." It's funny but it's also tactless. I can't imagine what it must have looked like, us laughing beside a coffin housing a neatly dressed corpse.

The wake was also one heck of a fiesta for us officers. We arrived at around 5:45 (everyday since last Friday) after all 22 of us were crammed inside the stupid, worthless, rundown, nausea-inducing school van. Then, we were offered crackers (Hansel), candy (White Rabbit and Dynamite), bread and pastry (JD and Tinapayan goodies), Filipino favorites (alupi), juice (Zesto), soda (bottled ones), and peanuts. While two among our number were probably trying to repress their laughter beside the dead and flowers, we feasted and ate our hearts out at the "flower garden."

Second, I spent two nights wide awake in front of the computer, trying to compose a "wonderful" essay for my Ateneo application as an ACET requirement. I wrote about my guest-speaker experience during last year's B'n'G Week and I do hope I can publish it here pretty soon.

How did I fare in school? I slept during Thursday's Huagi and Physics class.

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