Monday, November 4, 2013

My Last (and Inadvertent) Sembreak

So here's what happened: We had our two-week elective rotations, which meant splitting up the block for the first time since we became a block. Four of us took Pharmacology 253.1 because the course description made it sound like we'd be spending our days discussing cases and deciding on the best drugs to give for what diseases - but how wrong we were.  

A photo with Prof. Susie Sio, one of our coordinators, who'll be flying to the US by the first week of December. She told us a lot about her life, which made our sessions more exciting. Also, I swear she lit up when she realized that all five of us in the room were of Chinese descent - hence, why we were branded "The Chinese Pharmacy." 

Now here's a photo of a gloriously pink sunset on All Saints' Day in Iloilo City (taken from the walkway connecting the mall and the parking building of Robinsons Place). 

The great thing about our elective was that we finished the day before Halloween (because I wrote "to finish before Halloween" in my "expectations" during the first day, and Dr. Casanova, our other coordinator, happily obliged), giving me an unofficial sembreak in Iloilo. That - going home to the province - is something the Manila born-and-raised will never understand. Ever.    

I was there during the closing night of Red Turnip Theater's "Closer." So were John Lloyd Cruz and Angelica Panganiban. Ces Drilon, too. Above, the four-person cast comprised of (L-R) Bart Guingona (Larry), Angel Aquino (Anna), Cris Villonco (Alice), and Mark Abaya (Dan) during their final curtain. Below, the cast joined by, among others, Director Ana Abad Santos (center).

"Closer" was a much improved production during its last performance. I enjoyed it when we saw its first matinee, but this time, it's tighter, and the characters were more developed. You got the feeling that somehow, the actors had finally learned to let go of concentrating too much on getting (playwright) Patrick Marber's lines right and just allow the words to help shape the characters, instead of the other way around. Aquino was luminous; she no longer spoke in her monotonous English. Guingona and Villonco were their usual excellent selves, and Abaya's Dan was a vulnerable creature masquerading as a pathetic, self-centered lover boy.      

Also, I just couldn't resist not seeing one of my most favorite plays for a second time. 

Which brings us to me aboard a late afternoon Air Asia Zest flight to Iloilo City. We took off twenty minutes ahead of schedule. The sky was awash in hues of pink and purple. Views of Terminal 2, a blurred Terminal 1, and Runway 13/31.

That's SM City Sucat, if I'm not mistaken.

 Flying over Laguna de Bay.

We cruised at an altitude of 31,000 feet. Three views of the sunset above the clouds.

Upon arrival, I realized I've never done touristy photos of the airport before. 

The passenger terminal and the airbridges.

Before entering the terminal: Cebu Pacific A320 (left) and our Air Asia A320.

The landscaping and lighting of the terminal landside.

Finally, got to spend another - possibly my last - Halloween with the cousins. I can't remember when it started, but Halloween is now a huge thing in their subdivision. I was Harry Potter last year - lightning-shaped scar on my forehead plus cowboy hat. This year, I was the candy man without costumes, because all I did was eat trick-or-treat candy (Wiggles chocolate-coated marshmallows, mostly). After dinner, we watched "Thor: The Dark World," and I thought it was a thoroughly funny movie, miles better than its predecessor, and that Tom Hiddleston's Loki was the best thing in it. "Tada!"

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