Monday, February 25, 2013

The 4-Show Oscars Weekend

What a weekend. Four-day weekend! And the four shows: "Ibalong" by Tanghalang Pilipino at the CCP Little Theater, "Collection" by Dulaang UP at Diliman's Guerrero Theater, "Spring Awakening" by Blue Repertory at the Ateneo Rizal Theater, and "They're Playing Our Song" by 9 Works at the RCBC. The best of them, the one I'd suggest to anyone who'd ask if they could only watch one, is - by a mile - "Collection," this explosive masterpiece by Floy Quintos. Runner-up would be "They're Playing Our Song." All four shows, by the way, will be closed in a week.

Today is a historic day. It's my first time to watch the entire Oscars telecast on the day itself and on television. Thanks, no less, to the people behind EDSA I - and even more so to those in charge of cancellation of classes. 

Seth MacFarlane was such a polarizing host. I loved him and want him back next year. The jokes were plain nasty, some of them shocking - and the way he gracefully jabbed at Hollywood's oh-so-pretentious butt was top class. "We Saw Your Boobs" should become a classic. Loved the reactions of Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron. Hello, Kate Winslet. 

Other insane bits: Ted, his Jewish Hollywood beliefs, and the orgy at Jack Nicholson's; "The Sound of Music" joke; Meryl Streep's introduction, for, as said in Twitter, "Meryl Streep does not open envelopes; envelopes open for Meryl Streep"; "It's like church in here, only with more people praying"; Denzel in the Nutty Professor. Et Cetera. And may I just say, Daniel Day-Lewis gives the classiest, most entertaining, well-constructed speeches; he makes every other actor look illiterate - and oops, he's British.

WTF award of the night goes to "Brave" winning over "Wreck-It Ralph" in the Best Animated Feature category. Weirdest moment of the night goes to the Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy introduction - not even awkward, or awkward funny, but just plain weird. 

Next up: Oscarthon Year 3, Summer of 2013. As of now, one of the Oscar winners in the acting category is also our pick, while our choice for best film is not among the Best Picture nominees.

UP Medicine 2016 at Ateneo BlueRep's "Spring Awakening." (Photo by Jenn Gargar).

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