Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Like Crazy

I didn't go to class today. This module doesn't take attendance anyway, so why go to school and risk falling asleep to the lullaby of boring, unenthusiastic lecturers when you can stay at home and study away? 

Our guy classmate who's in charge of the Valentine's surprise for all the girls in class asked me if I could write a poem to put on a bookmark the boys would be giving them ladies. Nope, came up with nothing exceptionally good for the season, that's what I told him last night. In truth, my mind just wasn't in the mood to write. Heck, I don't celebrate Valentine's, so why should my writing self? There's nothing I find crazier during the month of February than all the lovers in the world converging into one massive ball of cheese and goo. For the record, I think Valentine's is such an overrated day, and that if you truly were a creative soul, you'd surprise that special person the next day instead. Never be afraid to be different. My classmate Madison once suggested, as a Valentine's surprise, "kidnapping" the girl and taking her to an "abandoned" room where the boy would be waiting with all the doves and pigeons in the world. Taddah!

I think a lot of people nowadays, particularly in med school, are afraid to be different. In med school, they try to destroy you as much as possible - suck out all the creativity, color, and character in you until what's left is a machine that's supposed to be equipped with higher levels of empathy and sympathy. Most people in med school think art has no place in the world, that science is the only worthy way to go. I see them everyday, with their notebooks and transcriptions and their stethoscopes, acting all professional and sane.

Movie suggestions for lovers out there: Like Crazy (2011), Closer (2004), and Blue Valentine (2010). I give you a week, and thereafter, if the two of you are still alright, then you're one step closer to being meant for each other.    

That's my mom crossing the famed bamboo hanging bridges in Bohol. Very hard to believe she did that, but photo speaks for itself. May 2012.

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