Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things I Learned/ Realized Yesterday

Give me the exact length of the longest eyelash, and get a free hug!

1. The life of a girl is VERY complicated. Sometimes, it's because of nature (e.g. menstruation); most of the time, it's because of society and culture. As little girls grow up to become ladies, they also learn to complicate their lives by choice - but subconsciously, it's out of fear that society would sanction them for failing to measure up to the law.

2. Eyebrow plucking is NOT FUN. If I were not a med student, it would be legal for me to hypothesize - and get away with it - that as the eyebrow progresses medially, it also acquires more and more nociceptors. Wait, that doesn't sound right. But my eyebrows are thinner and now have a definitive arch.

3. The lock of a bra is its most annoying part.

4. Rolling up a frilly dress and stuffing it inside a bra to create fake boobs actually gives one bigger-than-usual boobs. Bigger-than-usual in comparison to the prevalent cup size in the country or neighborhood or classroom.

5. Putting on make-up is like an exercise in coloring, like what we used to do in pre-school. You have to know the right shade of the right color, and you have to color only within the allotted area. Removing make-up is like giving your face a body scrub.

6. In general, men can perceive the presence of lipstick on a woman's luscious lips. Women would know if the lipstick's a fraction of a millimeter overboard.

7. Lastly - but this is not about girl-dom anymore - people who are top of the class aren't exactly nerds. (Well it does take some serious amount of studying to ace exams.) What dominates their personalities is their (sometimes egotistic) desire to be on top, to be right.


JM said...

Does this have anything to do with the Lady Med thingy? Can you please post pictures or tell me where to see them. I really, really, want to see them.Haha. I don't want to wait for the banners along the med buildings anymore. :))


Yep it is. What pictures? Haha I'm lost. First Bite pics are in Facebook, but for last year's actual LadyMed, I have no clue. =D

JM said...

Pictures of you being a...woman. HAHA.