Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Classes = More Study Time

Identify the degree of herniation.

Classes are suspended today. They announced it last night. This is actually the first time in my entire stay in the University that the administration announced the suspension of classes the night before.

I'd like to believe that today, we officially become real medical students, 'we' being the 162 members of the Class of 2016 (and feel free to feel included if this is also your first year in med school). A day like this back in premed would have me watching some movie, perhaps sleeping. Now, 'classes suspended' means 'more time to study'.

'No classes' today means more time to study for Friday's big exam day: a morning lecture exam on the anatomy of the spine and the lower extremities, radiology of the extremities, gait analysis, and exercise physiology; and an afternoon laboratory exam (read: CADAVERS) that will be at least 162 stations - muscles, blood vessels, and nerves of the upper and lower extremities, gross anatomy of the human skeleton, histology of muscles and bones, and radiography of the extremities. 

I'm having a ball here. Stay safe, if you're threatened by the typhoon. And don't forget to bend your knees when picking something up from the floor, because not doing so increases the pressure in your intervertebral discs by about 400%.


anon101 said...

hmmm... i wonder what university is that, yan ba e up? harhar


I did mention UP in my previous posts, so I guess it's a yes. =))