Friday, April 29, 2011

American Idol 10 - Top 6

I meant to write this post yesterday, but my tonsils made that quite impossible. Right now, both are currently covered in pus. Yes folks, this is tonsillitis like I've never had it before - and it's driving me mad. But on to business: Last night, the contestants sang the songs of Carole King - someone I'm quite unfamiliar with - so I really didn't know what to expect from the performances. Rest assured, not having high expectations was a good thing, because last night wasn't exactly the best of nights.

Surprisingly, Haley delivered.

TOP 6: Carole King

JACOB: I'm becoming tired of seeing this guy. It's like he's now at this stage where no matter how much effort he puts into his performance, he can't avoid ending up as just plain old Jacob. You have a great voice, but based on that performance, we wouldn't want to see you in the Finals (or say, even next week). 

LAUREN: Last week, she was pretty lame. This week, she finally soared (though not as high as we would've preferred). Holding back her vocals might just cost Lauren her stay in the competition, after all.

SCOTTY: This was the best Scotty number so far, and it came at a really crucial point in the competition. Although we would've wanted it a bit more toned down, and the Scotty-isms are just unavoidable, that performance was definitely driven by effort put to good use. Was it sincere? Not as much as we would've liked. Was it surprisingly good? Yes. 

JAMES: James, you have heaven-sent vocals. But please, the screaming and belting and shrieking can get old. That was a fine performance, but we're asking for variety this time. Of course, not that we didn't like you last night.

CASEY: We all know he wanted to take us by surprise again this week, but for all the 'uniqueness' that that number exuded, it lacked one thing: finesse. It started out smooth and jazzy, then transformed into angry, made a turn for the theatrical, and ended with a messy aftertaste. We get it Casey: You really deserve to win this. But please - though I'm not saying last night wasn't entertaining - a cleaner performance next time. We all saw you having fun, but at some point, you seemed to have lost it.

HALEY: Outstanding vocals. Outstanding performance. Save the best for last, indeed. This was actually the best Haley number I've seen, and based on that alone, she might just deserve a slot in the Finals.

THE DUETS: I'm not going to talk about this in detail anymore, because all three numbers were quite fine. Casey and Haley did the best number, in my opinion - their voices blended really well, the number just smelled of creativity, and there was chemistry all over. Jacob and James surprisingly didn't sound bad shrieking together as much as I'd expected, and Scotty and Lauren actually sounded really good together.

Bests of the night: I can't believe I'm finally saying this, but it's HALEY.

Who should go: JACOB (spell boring).

This was your choice, America. Well done (insert sarcastic clapping).

Who went: CASEY. Oh man. Ooooh maaaan. It's quite unfair that (perhaps) America chose to vote the guy off based on one  incoherent performance, when others have churned out lousy number after number for weeks on end. No wait, why am I downplaying the outrage here?! America, you got it all wrong again! DAMN IT. So probably you'd prefer a James-Scotty match-up in the end? That was just lousy, America. Just plain LOUSY. 

That said, I'm gearing towards a JAMES-(one of the girls) Finals now.  


Anonymous said...

I could not believe it! Jacob should have gone before whoever was voted off first! It's nauseating just looking at him. He can absolutely sing, but please not on TV. haha. I like Scotty 'cause it's totally cool hearing a 17-year old sing like a 40. haha. But that's not enough for him to win the whole thing. Oh, I dunno. So far, America has failed the voting part.

Now, the bests of AI10 are gone. Who's gonna win it? Please one Adam Lambert is enough, not that I don't like James. He STARTED really incredible last Thursday. And yes, you're right about variety. He needs to show some versatility and prove that he deserves to win it.

Okay, James-Haley or James-Lauren is just uncool. We should be watching Pia up on that stage until the finale. This is upsetting.

PS. It's nice of you to write an entertaining review despite your inflamed tonsils (and distressing results).=D


James-Pia should be a battle of the voices, and (James/Pia)-Casey would be a show for creativity, but none of that's happening now, so rest assured it'll probably be one colorless Finals. Haha

So yeah, it's James-(Haley/Lauren) for me, as Scotty or Jacob just ain't an option. Going for the lesser evil here. =))

P.S. My tonsils are fine now, thank you. =D