Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Multifidus Spinae

The focus right now is the cat. The muscles... and the bones. After all that, even the forearm with all its curvatures will never seem the same again. Just today, I’ve started noticing the leg of every person in shorts – how the gastrocnemius would join the foot at its calcaneus insertion, a distinctive stem-like structure at the ankle. When origin, insertion, and action have been written down on the exam paper, I move on from cadavers to alive-and-kicking fearless felines singing and dancing onstage. Oh yes, Cats on August 10 8PM – my first time inside CCP, and more importantly, my first to see Lea perform in a theatrical production.

Ah, Chemistry… and Nelson’s questionable answer key. I’d like to say more about the exam, but even blog-walls have eyes.

My voice is temporarily gone. I can’t sing. I can’t even speak properly. Truly, the life of an animated voice-box is a complicated one.

Thank you to Madi for a wonderful Pampanga weekend. The Family Guy episode (NAAFP!), delayed bus ride, gigantic late dinner, videoke, OJ’s gameface, the bed, the pre-sleep talk, the sardine sleep, brunch, lounging around, MJ, and Mulbert. By the way, Iloilo’s just an hour away by plane.

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