Thursday, July 8, 2010

religious at ten forty-four

I just finished scanning/semi-reading/underlining twenty six pages of Jewish-Islamic-Zoroastrian paragraphs. This is what we get for being a class that has no equal anywhere else in the world – not in Antarctica, not in the marshlands of cephalochordates. As the saying goes, the cream of the crop deserves more cream. I wish it were mango- or vanilla-flavored ice cream, but unfortunately, ice cream’s out of stock.

After crossing the majestic sea of embryos and integument, we now have to go inside a mosque, celebrate Rosh Hashanah and eat honey-dipped apples, have our own mental pilgrimage to Mecca, and get to know Malikkud Jaban, Uruwana, Vohu Mana, and the rest of the gang. On the upside, we get to go to Mecca for free… maybe not.

There’s another manuscript lying just above the ‘Burn After Reading’ pirated DVD (you read that right: pirated, so go get the MTRCB or Edu Manzano or whoever). The title: Origins of Religion. A back page or two has some scribbles; otherwise, the entire thing’s basically untouched by ink.

Sleeping late, for the glory of History 3, is no longer an option.

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