Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Little Fall of Rain

This is why I never want to wear slippers to school ever again, for as long as I can bear it.

What was supposed to be just a two-hour play time turned out to be a leadership seminar that was pretty much undirected in itself. The whole affair, complete with the usual question-and-answer portion where participants ask the most clichéd questions, had to end just in time for the rain to fall. And fall it did. Real strong and hard. And got my feet all wet.

Slippers, you may look comfortable – and seem to provide the toes with lots of fresh air, no doubt for respiration – but when it comes to the rain, you are a bitchy traitor.

Also, thanks to either climate change or the erratic weather of Manila for the snowflakes. But of course, there were no snowflakes. Just water. And wet dirt all racing to cling to my feet.

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