Wednesday, June 2, 2010


On Something:

Where I left off, I was supposedly doing something big. That bigness was my failed entry to this year’s Palanca Awards. I will be posting it here (soon) in all its messy and unedited glory.

On Summer Classes:

Therefore, I conclude that P.I. 100 is the second LU I subject that requires no studying. Well, Caringal’s first exam needed a bit of reviewing since there were true or false and compare/contrast items. But overall, it’s probably the least stressful and one of the most enjoyable classes.

As for Math 101, let’s just say that everything is in the mow-dee-yul. As if what we really need in real life can be found in that mow-dee-yul.

On Fort Santiago:

It was my second time in the dead city. Still the same. Except for the millions of pictures. And Ilustrado’s indeed for ilustrados.

On Banahaw:

I’ve always liked the sight of mountains. But this statement is totally irrelevant. We left school at 7 (I was pretty surprised to discover that I was the earliest Imed to arrive). Traffic was simply beautiful, and a fire near the Alabang elites caused a wonderful delay. At 10AM, we were still along the borders of the Metro, stopping in one of those gas-and-food bases. At 12, we were off the SLEX. At 1, we had our lunch at the foot of Mt. Banahaw.

Off we went to the hills. But a trek along dirt road first. The hill-trekking was my third (after Leon’s mountain-walking and Ajuy’s hill-and-stream trekking). Arriving at the top, we were ordered to remove all shoes and socks if we wanted to go to the cave. Yes, the cave. Husgado cave. If we can even call it a cave (well, it caves into the hills, so I guess so). But it didn’t seem like a cave, more like a tortuous tunnel. And yes, no one got stuck.

Next, down a flight of 200 steps to bathe in the holy waters of Banahaw. Up 200 steps again, and dirt road. Lecture started at 5:30 with the Filipino Spiritual Catholic Church. Visited Ciudad Mystica de Dios afterwards, and a short lecture, plus the procession. Started the road trip back to Manila at around 7:30. Stopped for food at around 9. Landed at UPM, est. 11:40.

P.S. Aragon really rocks.

On turning 18:

It’s probably the grandest party Imed 2016’s ever had (no offense, Trish, yours was grand too, but in a different way). McDo Kiddie Party. The perfect way to end LU I life. The perfect way to turn 18 (it was my first time to celebrate in one of those fast-food chains). The best part was: Almost everyone did not know where the ‘party’ was to be! A grand surprise, in short.

On the vacation:

May 22: Went to the wedding, and we all know what happened afterwards. Watched Into the Woods (the 1991 telecast)

May 23: Watched Here Comes the Bride. It started off lousy (the child in particular was just annoying and over the top). It ended great, which makes it one of those atypical Pinoy movies that start bad and end good. Angelica Panganiban for the win.

May 24: Yangkee and Guama time. Glee.

May 25: The Yearbook day. Yes, our former adviser had abandoned us. Finally had a dummy. We’re pretty much behind schedule, but no one can say it’s entirely OUR fault. Plus donuts. Glee.

May 26: Cousin Day. HK Kitchen (I don’t know why my grandma loves the place). Nightmare on Elm Street – a stupid, stupid movie. Sundae. Glee. The grand Grand Pooba blow up.

May 27: Finished the entire season one part one of Glee. ‘Cause you keep me hangin’ on.

May 28: Guimaras Day. Raymen’s. Pawikan. Baras Cave. Snorkeling. SEAFDEC.

May 29: The mini-reunion. Uncle Tom’s. Prince of Persia. Smallville. “Dai, buligi man ko di bi, bug-at mo!” “Bea, ngaa wala ka ya naka-pink haw?” Shrek 4 in 3D.

May 30: Boring day. Little to no productivity. Finished season two of House.

May 31: Yearbook day, part deux. And haircut. Rediscovered my 4th year English class journal (posting some of the content soon). Watched The Lovely Bones (Peter Jackson’s). Not as good as I expected.

On the FOP:

That Cebu Pacific check-in counter attendant whose father had just called gave me 27F instead of 19D. Thus ensued a riot. I have to say, the FOP was rather messy. But I now have a lower-year buddy. And as of now, I’m still not enrolled. Oh happy day.

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