Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Blind Side

To date, I’ve watched a grand total of two films on my own in the theater. The feeling’s weird, yes, without company, but sometimes, there are movies that you simply have to watch no matter what, as if your movie-watching life depended on doing so. In the end, it is not about the company or the setting – it’s about the film itself.

Towards the end of last semester, JULIE AND JULIA opened in local theaters. And it would have been so hypocritical of me not to go see it: That’s like the Meryl Streep and the Amy Adams in one film - again (I still say Doubt should have been up for Best Picture). I have to admit, there were some dragging parts, but I guess that’s simply one characteristic of great films: they always have these dull parts for the viewer to anticipate something better (No County for Old Men, Doubt, Babel, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, etc.). As always, Meryl was a goddess. Simply perfect. And Ms. Adams, well, still a big fan.

Yesterday, with nothing to do, I went to watch THE BLIND SIDE. I didn’t expect much from it; Sandra Bullock's Golden Globe clip was my only guide. But this is one of the most touching films of the school year. 

The Oscars are near, and will Streep and Sandra tie for Best Actress?

Anyway, have you seen these Hitler parodies on YouTube, the ones where they dub this scene from the movie "Downfall" with all sorts of zaniness?

And yes, I’m now a Tenor 2 trainee of the UP College of Medicine Choir a.k.a MedChoir.

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