Friday, May 15, 2009

First Time with 2016

I really, really want to write something for May, but my mind’s not much of a team player at the moment. Is writer's block cause for sarcasm?

I just came home from a week-long sojourn in Manila. Yesterday, actually. My flight was supposed to depart at 4:20, then during check-in, I found out it had become 5:10, then we were delayed and finally took off at 5:30, then upon arrival, my luggage got tossed to the other carousel – which means I got home at past 7:30 already. Stupid airline, stupid airport.

I finally met the Imed 2016 people. Aside from the conventions of block 13 and 14 (go Block 14!!! Though this isn’t to say no-go Block 13 – well, partly), I have another mark for distinction: Pisay-Mainers and Non-PMs. First time you come across this, I bid you not to take offense. Well, anyway, as of now, none of you 2016 people know this blog, so if and when you come across this piece of crap, take amusement. Senseless much… but it’s true nonetheless, there are 21 (?) PM people in our batch.

First person I met was… surprise, surprise, Bea! Siguro yan nga ang tinatawag na magnet of home (if there’s such a thing). That’s prior to the dental examination – well, during the wait for the DE. Then, the second one was during the PE in the P.M already. Jillian, who sat beside me, whom I talked with, who then realized that her wallet and cell phone (or wallet only) were (was) missing. Jillian, the first victim of PGH theft for 2016 I-meders. Hopefully, none will be second. Then the third one, whom I talked with during the search for Jillian’s missing accessories: Krystell(a)! Maria Krystella Guevara… your name rhymes, girl.

During the enrollment process, Allison and Shahara, whom I got to talk to while separated by glass from the ferocious Ate Perla. Wait, I first talked with you guys at Ate Cherry’s place. Then, there’s Josef (Organio?), who wasn’t around the next day. And yeah, Clemens’ dad offered his chair to me. In the afternoon, when I went to get my class card (thankfully, Perla wasn’t around), I met Meagan! Meagan!!! And she said her name so cutely, so chipmunky. Meagan!!!

During the orientation, the first person I talked to (technically, the first new person, since I first talked to Bea) was Jenn. Gargar. Girl, you remind me of my SS successor. CutieGar. Gargar. Jenn Danielle Gargar. Catchy! Then, Niko, whom I saw the day before doing crossword puzzles during the wait; Clemens, who hardly ever spoke for the rest of the day (really, sir) and who just so suddenly disappeared in PGH; and Manzo, whom I thought was calling me, but was actually calling VincenT.

The psych test was stupid; pretty much everyone covertly knows that. Anyway, I sat beside Jim, from Palawan, who became my buddy for the campus tour where they made the frats and soros sound like criminal gangs; and Trish – Patricia Marie Fernandez – who chatted with me and spoke (how redundant). There was also Thea (I still don’t know which is Aletheia and which is simply Thea); Anna, whom I talked with for a fraction of a second; and Gelo, who knows Mr. Java, which is totally cool.

On the way to and at the CR, I had my first encounters (haha) with Vince(nt), who got his arm veins all traced up by the other Thea (*wink*); and Jio – pioneer of juiciness. On the way to Robinsons, first encounters with Terence – 80% Chinese – and Joshua, whose blood composition I’m not particular with. There was also Gianna – topnotcher of BrainDrain; Isabella Supnet (one of our catchiest names), who hopefully will allow me to call her by her full catchy name; MJ, who said he couldn’t quite place my name yet; and Alexeis, who told me that my name sticks out for him.

Yeah, well, I probably exchanged words with almost the entire 2016 people… I think I did. But whatever… when I look back a couple of years from now, I think I’d find this quite useful.

Writer’s Block?! Well, well, well… here you go, May!!!!!!!!

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