Sunday, March 1, 2009

Notes on Naga

Maligayang pagdating sa Lungsod ng Naga, Rehiyon ng Bicol, kung saan itinanghal ang National Schools Press Conference 2009 noong Feb 15-20. Pumunta ako dito kasama ang aking pinkabonggang maestrrrr…

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My teacher is partly – wait, more than partly – obsessed with a bespectacled guy from St. John’s Institute.

This obsession arose when the Negrense-by-residence grabbed my supposed throne as RSPC’s Highest Pointer.

We bumped into him a lot of times at Villa Caceres. And the only thing that I remember him doing at the hotel’s lobby was… studying(?), or was it practice-writing?

Anyway, Philippe had a dream that the stupid teacher in the next segment of this post was pressuring Kam-Ho to win in both editorial and sports. Really now, of all possible dreams???

During the night after awarding, Philippe intentionally called me up – just to say that Kam Ho didn’t win in any of his contests. I think this is more than just mere obsessive-compulsive dramatics.

Kam-Ho Wong. Are you Korean, my friend? Or Cantonese?

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I know, Bacolod. You are being such a sour-grape that I won the Outstanding Journalist plum and bested your dearest one. Come on, can you really be that bratty a baby? You were probably so high up, amongst the cirruses, that you overlooked the slumdog billionaires, weren’t you? I mean, Korea – or wherever he’s from – hasn’t even made much of a screech.

This is a tale of indecency, unprofessionalism, and zaniness. And it all started when that blast-ended skrewt in the form of a teacher hailing from a Bacolod school (Sto. Domingo, was it? or Lacson?) verbally attacked me with her Defense for Kam-Ho soliloquy.

When dear Philippe told her that I was this year’s Most Outstanding Journalist for Western Visayas, she went berserk in a way that's so unexpected from a school paper adviser and launched an endless tirade about why I shouldn’t have won – and more importantly, why Kam-Ho should have won instead of me.

You see, Kam-Ho is, say, my biggest rival from the other island. However, the fat-assed monster, instead of mumbling even just an insincere ‘congratulations’, insisted that Kam-Ho should have won the award. Kam-Ho was highest pointer at the RSPC this year, she said. Kam-Ho was this and that, she said.

What she even failed to grasp, when Philippe told her that I was ‘last year’s’, was that I was Highest Pointer last year, and not the Outstanding awardee. Thus, she further insisted that Kam-Ho surely should have won the award.

My, my, what a poor unfortunate soul.

Avoid loud aggressive persons; they are vexations to the spirit… indeed.

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Notes on Naga:

-Your biggest mall is hardly bigger than The Atrium. Oh come on.
-You smell like Iloilo, with churches for tourist attractions.
-You look like Iloilo, with a mountain for a backdrop. Oops, we actually have mountains.
-NO TAXIS??!! What a primitive little world.

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