Sunday, May 7, 2017

Halfway to the 56th Silliman National Writers Workshop

Our Bombardier Q300 for the Iloilo-Cebu leg.

I'm now in Cebu, where in an hour I shall hopefully be boarding my flight to Dumaguete for this year's Silliman Writers Workshop. The airport has become a sprawling marketplace. When my flight from Iloilo (aboard a Q300, which by the way, has way better seats and legroom than Cebu Pacific's A320s) landed earlier, we were held at one of the runway exits for some time. Crazy. Then it was a rather long wait before our luggage arrived at the carousels.

Mactan Airport has this prehistoric rule of requiring passengers to dispose of outside water prior to entering the pre-departure area. What idiocy. 

The check-in hall looked like an East Asian convention. So does the pre-dep, actually. There's a huge swath of the domestic wing that's a sweltering dump right now. I can't stop thinking how Mactan has become what Manila used to be. I don't want to call this airport a mess, because that would be just a little bit inaccurate and hyperbolic. They better open that new terminal quick.

On the bright side, at least people haven't resorted to sitting on the floor en masse. Not yet.

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