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One Week in Taipei, 2016, DIY, Itinerary

1. Introduction
2. Itinerary (current post)
3. Departure
4. Day 1

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We spent six whole days in Taipei (6D5N), and here's our itinerary. You may notice our days started late, and that's because my sister is such a tourist (and not a traveler). Our third day, for example, after the Yangmingshan climb, she was totally knocked out, and we only managed to leave the apartment in time for lunch.  I'd say six days would be enough to get a filling glimpse of Taipei, but one can easily spend another week in the place; there's simply so much to discover and visit and see and eat, if my newfound love for this city isn't obvious enough. I'll be more specific as I devote a separate post for each day.

DAY 1 (Saturday Oct. 1)

Nile hippos, Taipei Zoo.

6AM  Arrive at Taipei-Taoyuan International Airport

Take shuttle bus to Taoyuan High Speed Rail (HSR) Station.
Take HSR to Taipei Main Station.

8:30AM  Arrive at Taipei Main Station

Briefly explore Taipei Main Station.
Take MRT to Taipei Zoo Station.

10AM-1PM  Taipei Zoo

Take MRT to Ximen Station.
Lunch at Ximending area.

3PM  AirBnB check-in

Rest, then take MRT to Gongguan Station.

7:30PM-10PM  Gongguan Night Market


DAY 2 (Sunday Oct. 2)

At cloud level on our descent from Mt. Qixing, Yangmingshan National Park.

Take MRT to Taipei Main Station.

10:15AM-11:15AM  Brunch at Taipei Main Station-K Underground Mall

Take MRT to Jinshan Station.
Take bus to Yangmingshan National Park Station.

12NN  Arrive at Yangmingshan National Park Bus Station

Hike to Headquarters Visitors Center.

12:30PM  Begin ascent of Mt. Qixing via Mioapu entrance

3:30PM-4PM  Reach Mt. Qixing main peak and rest

5:15PM  Finish descent of Mt. Qixing via Xiaoyoukeng trail

Take bus to Yangmingshan Station.
Take bus to Jinshan MRT Station.

7:30PM-11PM  Shilin Night Market


DAY 3 (Monday Oct. 3)

Lovers' Bridge, Tamsui.

12:30PM-1:15PM  Lunch at Ximending Pedestrian Area

Walk to 228 Peace Memorial Park, passing by Zhongshan Hall.

1:30PM-2:45PM  228 Peace Memorial Park

Walk to Liberty Square, taking note of the Presidential Office Building.

3PM-4PM  Liberty Square (Main Gate, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Theater, National Concert Hall, Liberty Square Park)

Take MRT to Tamsui Station.

5PM-8PM  Walk along the Tamsui Waterfront, or take a bus, all the way to Fisherman's Wharf and Lovers' Bridge.

Take MRT back to Ximen Station.

9:45PM-11PM  Explore Ximending Pedestrian Area, including Eslite Bookstore, at night


DAY 4 (Tuesday Oct. 4)

Taipei 101 as seen near the entrance to the Elephant Mountain hiking trail.

9AM  Meet-up with a friend for breakfast at Ximending Pedestrian Area

Transfer to Taipei Main Station because everything seems to be closed at 9AM.

9:30AM-11:30AM  Breakfast

Take MRT to Zhongshan Xinsheng Station.
Walk to Huashan 1914 Creative Park.

11:45AM-1:30PM  Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Walk to Daan Forest Park.

2PM-4:15PM  Daan Forest Park

Take MRT to Taipei 101 Station.

4:30PM-5PM  Taipei 101 Mall

Walk to Elephant Mountain hiking trail entrance.

5:15PM  Begin ascent of Elephant Mountain

5:35PM-6:30PM  Reach peak of Elephant Mountain and watch the sunset and the city light up

6:45PM  Finish descent of Elephant Mountain

Walk back to Taipei 101.

7:10PM-9PM  Dinner at Taipei 101 Mall food court

Take MRT to Songshan Station.

9:30PM-11:30PM  Raohe Night Market


DAY 5 (Oct. 5 Wednesday)

A Mei Tea House, Jiufen.

Take MRT to Zhongshan Station.

10:30AM-12:30PM  Taipei Museum of Contemporary Arts

Walk to Taipei Main station and have lunch.
Take TRA to Ruifang District.

2:30PM  Arrive at Ruifang Train Station

Take bus to Jiufen.

3PM-5:45PM  Jiufen Old Street

Take bus back to Ruifang Train Station.
Take TRA to Shifen.

7:15PM-8:15PM  Lanterns at Shifen Railway Station.


DAY 6 (Oct. 6 Thursday)

Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum.

12NN  AirBnB check-out

12:30PM-3PM  Hotpot/shabu-shabu lunch

Take taxi to Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum.

3:30PM-4:30PM  Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum

Take taxi to Taipei Main Station.
Take HSR to Taoyuan Station.
Take shuttle bus to Taoyuan Airport.

8:30PM  Depart Taoyuan Airport

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