Thursday, April 17, 2014

Climbing Mt. Maculot

This happened on January 9 - three months ago - but then a lot of other stuff got in the way, like reviewing shows (yey!) and studying (ugh.) and pretending to like babies in Pediatrics. It was Quiapo Day, or the Feast of the Black Nazarene, when we did this climb. And since this was officially my first "real" mountain (I'd gone on two pseudo-mountaineering trips back in high school, but they were really more of wilderness trekking), I thought I'd just dump all my unedited photos in this post. 

Mt. Maculot is officially part of Cuenca, Batangas; on a map, it stands on the southern border of Taal Lake. Much of what you need to know about the mountain and organizing hikes (day hikes!) can be found in Pinoy Mountaineer, which is run by Gideon Lasco, a fellow Intarmed.

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The view from the Buendia LRT station at 6:30AM.

During the tricycle ride to camp, first proper glimpse of Mt. Maculot.


Starting the trek.

Bamboo, which used to be my frustrated-horticulturist father's favorite plant. (Now it's orchids.)

Our first glimpse of Taal Lake.

Trail marker.

Hike member Josh.

Rest stop 1, featuring Hike leader Sgt. Sexylegs (a.k.a. Terence) in white shirt. His thighs are so much bigger now, thanks to CrossFit.

Hike member Orly, who loves to dance.

The Plains below.

Rest stop near the top!
The Mt. Maculot Rockies

The summit.

Mt. Makiling in the distance.

Hike member/mother Hannah having lunch.

Hike member Madison being... silly.


Hike member Samuel Antoine.


Hike members Jim (left) and Orly.

Taal Volcano.

Sgt. Sexylegs and I. Seriously, the man has no body hair.

Lunch break.

A leaf insect!

Men being adventurous. Upper right of set features Hike member Jom and his swanky camera.

The group before the descent.

Saying goodbye to Cuenca, Batangas.

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