Friday, September 27, 2013

Hotdogs in Anesth

The Year Level 5: ICC Year blog posts - stories and anecdotes, patient encounters and hospital drama, and the many colors of UP med school from the perspective of a third year. Here's the eighth entry, under our one-week rotation in the  Department of Anesthesiology.

I'm the liaison officer, the point person, for our twelve-man sub-block for the week - four days, if we're going to be precise, because there was another one of those crazy dysmenorrheic rains that got the Chancellor drafting an early-morning suspension last Monday. It all ends today, my term, and inside I'm a hedgehog rolling over and over and over with pure joy.

Courtside spots at a C-section!

We watched a Caesarian section this morning, and that's about the highlight of the entire week. Courtside seats - er, spots! At one point, the tension in the room got insanely high (or maybe it just felt like that to us newbies) as the doctors struggled to get the baby out of the uterus, the unmoving head and shoulders stuck in some dingy, sticky, badass corner. Pull as you would a pillow seemed to be the motto.

I've been meaning to blog about our recent adventures in Butuan a week ago; I actually have the pictures arranged already - just the text missing. But we should be talking about Anesth here, and now I realize there's not much to talk about besides the unspoken fact that if we don't show up for the morning's rotations at the out-patient department, they probably won't even notice our absence. What did we do? Our lecturer treated us to hotdog sandwiches yesterday.

With Dr. Ed Simon, without the hotdogs.

I saw the Cinemalaya winner "Sana Dati" on opening night. It's the acting that should convince skeptics to buy a ticket - TJ Trinidad's defeated portrait of tragedy, most especially. But the story - that overlong, overwrought, too-complicated story - well that's another discussion in itself. "Prisoners," meanwhile, is seemingly being praised every which way you go in the US. What drugs are those moviegoers on? If you must go, then go for Jake Gyllenhaal - and that's all I shall say.

But really, we should be talking about Anesth here.

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