Wednesday, April 17, 2013

China 2013 Part IV: High in the Hyatts

I've mentioned in previous posts that weather took a turn for the wondrously better on our last day in Shanghai, providing the perfect opportunity to finally ascend one, possibly two, of the three observatories in Lujiazui. 

Checking out at least one viewing deck (choosing from the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Mansion, and Shanghai World Financial Center) has become standard tourist practice and no doubt an explosive moneymaking scheme for the city. The top sphere of the Oriental Pearl Tower costs 135 RMB, the cheapest adult price for the Financial Center is 120 RMB, and Jinmao is an 88-for-88 RMB-for-floor deal.  

So how on earth did we manage to take in the views from not only one, but two of those structures - and all for the cost of 0 RMB? The Hyatts, of course. See, unlike most high-end places in the Philippines, the Hyatts in Shanghai (and I surmise, other establishments of their class) don't really care about tourists wandering down their halls. In fact, based on our experience, they actually welcome visitors. Consider this the second installment of our Union Building experience (see previous post; link below).

That is not the way.

First up was the Grand Hyatt in Jinmao Mansion - all regal lights and ostentation. From the 85th floor, one is afforded a hypnotizing view of the interiors, and also, a chance to wave hello at the people who paid for the observatory deck and were rewarded with a hazy midday view of the city (lower right photo).

Looking down (above) and up.

The Oriental Pearl (R) and Shanghai towers from the fifty-something floor lobby.

Do you see the man in the building?

Trivia: The Oriental Pearl spheres can distort themselves.

From the eighty-something floor, the view is not exactly clear. A shame we did it all at twenty-six. (Thank you for indulging me.)

Next was the Park Hyatt in the Financial Center - dimmer, more intimate interiors. Plus, the toilets have a mind of their own and blew mine apart (because I'm promdi like that). Trivia: Park Hyatt is the luxury brand of Hyatt Hotels Corp.

The Two Towers, Shanghai version.

The Bund from a distance.

100 Century Avenue at the 91st Floor. They have cake!

Lesson of the day: When in Shanghai, all you need is thick skin - pakapalan lang ng mukha. For dareth and thou shalt receive.

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