Monday, March 11, 2013

Fat, Lazy Women (A Rant)

We officially have two weeks of lectures and non-final exams left before LU4 ends.  Unfortunately, my mind is already in summer mode. Studying has suddenly become a chore, more so if I call to mind the fact that we have three exams each for this week and next. 

Last week, this woman got on the jeepney at the Binondo side of Jones Bridge and got off at the Intramuros side. Ergo, she rode a jeepney to cross a bridge. Another woman got on at the United Nations Avenue LRT station and got off at Padre Faura Street, which is basically a block away. Both women were fat. Just saying.

No, this is really a rant. The laziness - and unhealthy weight - of these two women annoyed the hell out of me. Mind you, this indolence is not exclusive to the fat ones. What happened to walking and exercise? What happened to walking?! We're seriously going down the drain here. Let's imagine Manila without jeepneys, see how many people survive.

By the way, two Thursdays ago in school, I hit my coccyx on the armchair's arm - one of thsoe instances where you think your ass is headed directly for the seat when in fact you've miscalculated and misaligned. It hurt. So, so, so, so bad. Still has some residual pain. I may have some bone damage, but I'm not sure.  

Shadow play on some river in Bohol, May 2012. The one with the hanging bridges - is that Loboc?

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