Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Creepy Asian

Disclaimer: This is not me.

There was a creepy man last night, and he was checking me out.

We had this video shoot, see, for a little thing called LadyMed. I was in my female form, glory emanating from every square inch of skin. First, we did scenes in one of my classmates’ condo unit. Then, we did it in her condo building’s lobby. There was also some cavorting with the elevator but whatever. After that, we proceeded to shoot outdoors a.k.a. the sidewalk teeming with people.

Every single one of them curious passers-by just had to take second glances at this towering figure in black with somewhat fake long hair. But then, this guy comes along, and he was different from the rest.

He had whitish hair, and from the looks of it, was either Korean or Chinese, or maybe even Japanese. He looked decent enough to not let us consider him a dirty old man (DOM). We thought he was just one of them curious creatures – BUT NO.

What he did was this: He hung around like he was one of us. It was either he was aware that I was a guy dressed up as a woman for a video shoot, or that he thought I was a real lady. Either way's creepy.

So now I address you, creepy old man, directly.

Pervert! And whatever happened to personal space?

Well he did leave us, eventually. Perhaps after I started acting and moving like a guy. Like really huge, unsophisticated movements. Perhaps he realized he was not helping his self-concocted alpha-male image by overtly pining for a guy in drag.

Heels hurt. They really do.


mj said...

You're handsome when you're a man, and beautiful when you're a woman. I think you're even prettier than I am. HAHA. Why are you so blessed?

God bless with the pageant. :) Btw, I saw you last friday near two adriatico place. :>


Thank you, MJ (though you're too kind hehe). I'd like to think everyone is 'so blessed' in a different way. =))

Didn't have glasses on at the time, so everyone's faces were a blur. But yeah, basically the entire Adriatico saw me in drag. =))

MJ said...

I'm not being kind or anything. I'm just being, well, 'truthful'. Haha. :) Not to mention, you're one of the best writers I know. :) Sorry. I don't want to creep you out or anything. Just so you know, I WAS NOT that creepy guy who had the hots for you.:))