Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Post Served Raw

I write this with less than twelve hours to spare before med school finally begins. In a month's time, I'd already be wrapped in those pearly white uniforms, under the control of a dress code again after two years of liberation. Tonight, my two-month summer break comes to an end, and I couldn't be any happier as to how it all turned out.

I finished Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco last night. I can't believe it took me all of two months to will myself into finishing the novel, and that it's the only book I finished for the summer. In any case, the novel has "Palanca" stamped on its pages from start to end; every sentence, every paragraph is formed in award-winning fashion, every chapter a microcosm of the totality that is the Palanca Grand Prize Winner a couple of years back.

Manner and method over matter: Ilustrado is definitely worth reading, though I believe it's more an exquisite read for the way its written and the sheer beauty of the author's style, than for the story.

Once again, the vacation saw my sleeping time and pattern drastically changed. I can actually remember only a single night when I didn't sleep at nearly midnight. I guess practice makes perfect then (for med school, that is)

My biggest achievement this summer, however, is sort-of-finishing our high school yearbook. It took all of two months to actually finish the entire thing, so hurray for me. And I can drive now (though far from an expert).

Whoever owns this picture has our yearbook staff's gratitude.

P.S. I'm writing this sort-of-rant-or-mind-vomit simply because I feel sort of guilty that I didn't write for an entire week. So there, a mediocre blog post served raw.

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