Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lock and Key

There are only nine days left until pre-med comes to an end. That's not counting the two exams scheduled the week after next, but still - nine freakin' days! It's like our very own Simbang Gabi - but instead of sacrificing nine mornings to go to church before daybreak, we have to sacrifice nine nights of sleep. Yes, I'm exaggerating, and yes, I once completed the nine morning masses (during 4th year). But seriously, with six exams lined up for next week, this will probably be the heaviest pre-med week we'll have (in terms of the amount of stuff to study). Then, when all that is over, all we'd do is breathe and say to ourselves: Wow (or any other expression of surprise), the Intarmed years are over. Sentimentality would finally be legal.

Just this morning, as we were packing up to leave for lunch, I couldn't stop thinking: This is going to be our last Bio Lab non-exam session ever. Sad, isn't it?

* * * * *

Tell me I'm stupid. (I'll tell you you're kind of blunt, but tell me anyway.)

This is the second time that I got locked out of the bedroom.

The stupid thing about this time is that I already have a spare key for the room - in case history repeats itself, which it did. Problem was, for months, I've been too dull to realize that the spare would be useless if I also placed it inside the room! I know, right: What an idiot. So when the door locked itself again tonight, the key was lying in one of my desk shelves in the company of ballpens.

Both times, my brother played the role of superhero, coming to the rescue from his arduous and mind-draining life as a medical intern at a really famous Philippine hospital. Good brother, really good brother. Last time, it was early afternoon. This time, it's an hour before midnight.

I swear, someday, I'll eat this door alive.

* * * * *

I've been, for days, struggling with the urge to not write a review of Atlantis Productions' Next to Normal. After all, I could easily sum up my thoughts on the production (which we watched last Sunday, March 13) to just one word: Perfection. But we'll see.

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indalecio said...

It happens to everybody. Don't worry.
Wait, you'll be eating the door alive? I guess you'll have to breathe life into it before eating it. Hahaha. Forgive me. I was just fascinated. :>